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Developed in under 2 months as a student project, The Tithe is a short horror game with low poly graphics and an emphasis on atmosphere over jumpscares.

" Every few years we would spy a slithering shadow beneath the floorboards, and the eldest among us would head down to confront the thing in the basement, never to return. With my mother and father gone, the task of keeping the Humboldt scourge at bay now lays upon me. 

I bid farewell to my wife and child with what little composure I can muster and, without daring to look back, I descend into the shadows of the old cellar..."


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the game is super scary at some point, the story is great, gameplay spooky as heck,but ending wasnt that good it needed to have more intersting ending

jess harveyretweeted your tweet about your next game and the phrase "atmosphere over jump scares" convinced me to play this.

although this is effecitvely just the slenderman pages game in a maze, the texture/light work is really cool and way more convincing as a space. the othersight mechanic is really interesting as an idea but since the floating baby sees you when you use it, i found it easier to just follow the maze on my own. a really solid-feeling first project, i'm excited for filthbreed!

Thank you very much!

Yeah, I get what you mean. My objective when developing this game was "take an already stablished formula an give it its own distinct flair and personality". I wanna think I succeeded to an extent, haha. Hope you like Filthbreed when it comes out!

This was interesting though I'm certain i didn't get the full experience with a death straight away and then a pit. Really found the eye mechanic interesting.  Could you let me know if there was something I missed?

your game starts at 6:30

Thank you for playing!

I really enjoyed this. Its a neat little horror game, wrapped up with a lovely wordy-poem bow. Only thing I'd say, is the Plague Cherub could really do with idle animation, influenced by direction of movement. That would be cool.
Nice set up - Nice gameplay - Nice relevant ending to tie it all up.

Thanks a lot for playing! The cherub actually does have an idle animation, but I made it too subtle to be noticeable while it's moving and well...it's always moving lol

Yeah that was literally the only thing I could say detracted from the game.
I've been playing a few games on itch and this one is still the best i've played so far. Cheers.

didnt get far but the game was alright :D

Thank you for playing!

you are welcome!

hi, big thx for this great scary experience. i love it. greetings from germany

Thanks for playing!

This was fun and really creepy, I didn't find it hard at all though.

Thanks a lot for playing!

The Tithe is a hard maze game atleast I found it so. The plague cherub is constantly on you and, super fast. For a moment I thought one of the abilites drove it away but, I don't believe that is the case. You have to try to dodge it and, constantly move but, there are a lot of dead ends and, you have to use your "third eye" to find the objectives.

Thanks for playing!

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The game was great should have a second part where you have to destroy the monster after you fall down the hole a famous YouTuber called Markiplier played this you should check it out

Hey, thank you for letting me know! Yeah, there's definitely room for improvement, but since it was my first project I decided it was better to keep it short but functional.

I like the game, but it's not very scary for me. It would be awesome if the game revolves once you go down the hole. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the feedback and for playing it too!

This was a lot of fun! Definitely spooked me a couple times!

Thanks a lot for playing!

Dude, this is really well done. I'd love to see more! The entire atmosphere gave me chills throughout the time I played, along with the suspense of trying not to be found.

Two little things that'd be awesome to see in the full release is animations for the cherub, and a jumpscare when you get a game over. Other than that, I really enjoyed it. Awesome job!!

Thanks a lot for playing! The cherub does have animations, but because of the way the AI patrols the map it looks like it's just a static model.

Of course! Ah, I see now. Well, can't wait until the full release!

Fantastic atmosphere and stellar writing--had a great time playing and would love to hear more of this story! The Othersight mechanic is super interesting, love the burst of adrenaline I get when I know the monster is following me. ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆!

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Very tense and difficult enough to offer a challenge without going as far as rage quit. Loved the eye mechanic especially the color overlays that come with each eye. 

Good stuff! 

Thanks for playing! :)

Usually I hate maze style games, as they rely on getting lost to pad the gameplay time, but this one was actually really good. The maze isn't large, and the ability to track both the objectives and the monster lead to me being determined to find the path, rather than brute force my way around looking for something. The mechanic reminded me a bit like Eyes, but more of a tracker than seeing through the monsters vision.

Glad you liked it, thank you for playing!

THE CHERUB WILL GOUGE YOUR EYES | The Tithe Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Thanks for playing!

Fantastic job here. It's short, but the writing and overall vibe made it work.

I enjoyed my time here, and hope another game comes out from your group!

Thank you for playing! I'm already working on the next game.

Really interesting concepts for the mechanics and they worked pretty well! I thought the trade off between seeing the candle statues and being seen by the monster worked pretty well and was pretty unique! Great background story as well! Creepy and interesting game! 

Thank you very much!

Brrr, this is very claustrophobic, atmospheric and... terrific!

The mechanics are very unique, using each eye for a different thing and trying not to attract the attention of the delightful cherub (what a cutie!).

I have to admit I may have won thanks to a glitch, but that didn't take anything away from the overall experience! Keep up the awesome work, this was a great little game =)


Hey, thanks a lot for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Gave it a go...

Thanks for playing!


Hi there, I just recently played through your game and had a pretty good time with it. Though not exactly groundbreaking I had fun getting lost in the maze with a ghost following me around. I found that the back story stood out to me more, it's definitely creepy and I find the "family curse" idea interesting especially with the sacrificial thing going on. I also really liked the style of the main menu screen and end screen, as well as the little details such as the eyes in the bottom left corner closing depending on which sight you're using, it's a nice touch.

One little gripe I'd like to mention is in regards to the controls, while they are fine the way the are, having the middle mouse button be used to interact with things is a little clunky, at least for me. Using the 'e' key or 'f' key may have been a better option.

I'm also unsure as to whether or not something happened to the game during my 4th attempt, it seemed as though the ghost didn't spawn. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not.

All in all it's a fairly solid game with an interesting story behind it. 

I hope you don't mind but I made a short let's play of the game for my channel.


Thanks a lot for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Middle click to interact was definitely a weird choice, I wanted to take full advantage of mouse inputs but I get that people are used to keyboard controls.

The 4th attempt thing looks like a bug, I've never seen it happen before...sorry about that!

Again, thank you for playing and for taking the time to write a review. Player feedback is always welcome.

Short Game! But Good Game!

Thank you! 감사합니다.

Amazing, fun, and atmospheric game!!!!!                                                                                                      

Thanks a lot for playing!

Just played the Tithe. Can the cherub catch you if you stand still in a corner? I got the feeling he could only get to me if I stayed between archdoors and not in corners. Nevertheless great game, surely it was a good exercise for you.

Not if you stand in a corner without using Othersight, as it has a set patrol route. But I don't think there are any blind spots for it once you blink your left eye. Thanks for playing!

Great Game That Brings A Experience To Horror 

Thank you for playing!

This is a great game the story is excellent as well a the gameplay very cool game mechanics highly recomend realy excited for the full release

Thank you! Don't expect a full release though, I think it works better as a short game...

Sorry i must of read it wrong cool game regardless thanks

This was phenomenal! Everything from the low-poly graphics style to the story was just so great! I was blown away by how well it was all written. I thought it was based off of another story or document at first. Anywho, the models were really well detailed, and I loved the plague theme to everything in the cellar. It was pretty easy to complete once the mechanics were understood. The only issue I had was at the end of the game. A few times while playing this, I jumped down the abyss just to fall out of the map? It was one of those endless fall-thingies. It took a few tries until I finally got the ending of the game. Something caused the ending sequence to not trigger. I feel like you're really onto something here with the story and design of this. VERY well done. Thanks so much for making it! 

Wow, thank you so much! It means a lot to me, I'm glad you enjoyed it. English is not my mother tongue, but DDD Wares (https://dddwares.itch.io/) helped me out proofreading the whole thing and it shows. So sorry about the ending bug too, I could've sworn I got rid of it before release! I'll make sure to fix it asap. 

Yes! It was very well written! The bug issue really wasn't THAT big of a deal to me. I just figured that you'd want to know about it. DDD Wares is actually how I heard of this game! He shared it on his Twitter a couple of days ago!

Feels like the game could have a lot of story and gameplay potential if expanded and polished more

Yeah, this is definitely a concept I'd like to revisit and flesh out in the future. Thanks for playing!

Not sure about the monster but you had some good ideas with this though.

Thanks! And yeah, I get what you mean, the design is very hit or miss.  I wanted to avoid the usual tropes.


i got a notification from this game being uploaded to Itch and i just instantly downloaded and played it! really awesome yet eerie game! very well made! i wish there was more levels on this with increased difficulty :D anyways really good job on creating this!


Thanks a lot for playing! Glad you liked it.

Ya lo he completado, me ha parecido una experiencia rapida y disfrutable! La mecánica de pestañear es algo que me parece muy original,  el monstruo me ha dado unos buenos sustos cuando descubrí su forma material, en si, me ha parecido muy corto y que podría ofrecer mas sustos y zonas, pero para un trabajo de estudiante en dos meses me parece excelente, por la otra parte.   PD: Fan total del menu principal.

Los sonidos y arte están de 10, me ha recordado mucho a juegos de terror de la Psx, en mi opinión tienes una buena historia y mecánica que explotar!  Te propongo que lo acabes y lo lances ya que podría esto ser un buen juego de terror de 10! 

PD2: He hecho un dibujo del juego, lmao. Espero que te guste :3

Thanks a lot! You can see the monster if you press left click while it's near you.

I needed three tries to finish the game, so that falls into the "not too easy, not too hard" territory. I missed having additional objectives or some difficulty ramping when lighting up the candles (Like spawning more monsters or so).

The eyes mechanic, however, was very interesting. I think it could be expanded even further. The left eye (Revealing the candles location) had a clear drawback: revealing your position to the monster, but the right eye had only advantages (Revealing the monster position). Maybe that could be improved somehow.

Still, the game felt pretty solid and the visuals were really good. Congrats! ;)

Thank you very much! :)

I did think about expanding the mechanics like that, but it was hard enough to get the basic stuff to work and I guess by the end of it I was kind of burned out. Still, I'd like to improve upon the formula in the future.

I'm all for this no jumpscare approach to horror games! I did find the environment to be a little lacking, but I understand that it plays into the level generation, at least I think the walled doors were radomly generated... The story, music, sound design and artwork were all fantastic though! The inclusion of the silhouette/moth cloud was a nice touch too! 


Thanks! Glad you liked it!

I like the graphics, and the setting is very scary. The concept and mechanics are great, and that you give up your safety to progress. I would recommend a "real" monster, as opposed to the butterfly/moths. I feel like that would make for a more terrifying experience. 

Thanks a lot! And about the monster...here's a hint: Try clicking left when it's nearby ;)

Este juego es puro esmegma para mi, simplemente me encanta.