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Awesome stuff here! And I really loved the lack of reliance on jumpscares! The atmosphere was fantastic, the visuals were creepy as all hell and the sound design was straight up unsettling. Managed to find all three endings as well. Fantastic work!

Hey, thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it.

This game was scary as shit I loved it.

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, this game is awesome. Right up my alley with the aesthetic. The writing is great, the ambiance is fantastic the only thing is I felt kind of floaty, in terms of movement. Other than that, it's a fantastic experience.


Thank you very much! I'll try and see if I can improve the movement somehow.

Found all the endings, really nice game would really like to see a full game like this, loved the visuals, they have a Silent Hill vibe to them.


Thank you, glad you liked it!

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Love the general feel and theme of the game. I'd love a premise like this over a game that lasts a few hours.

Thanks a lot for playing!

Found ending 1 and 3... still looking for ending 2! ;)

Thanks for playing! You get that one by doing what a rational person would do  when faced with creatures like that :)

Got all three of them! It really lives it to its name, you managed to make it feel filthy. Loved the light effects and shutters. I can see that you will make it your signature to put an ending in all your games if you try to leave the game as soon as you start.

Damn! so creepy! hope for full game


This game is very good, it's like a mix between Condemned and Silent Hill, i would recommend to focus in melee combat and other aspects like improve enemy mechanics, also an unespected clever jumpscare as  we  enter a room could  fit very well in this ambience, by the way for a student proyect this is very  well done, nice job on this Borja! 

PD: If you need help with programming and stuff send me a  message , have a nice day.

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