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I liked the fact that it had multiple endings. also ending number 1 legit made me laugh, not something that you expect out of a horror game lol

All in all, good game :D

I really enjoyed this gave me a quick scare! Ill make sure to look into the other endings aswell!

This was a nice experience. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

A nice little creepy experience. Felt apprehension around every corner :)

Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video

Woah that was eggs and the roaches very scary game keep up the good work.


I thought this was such a cool game, I first want to say WHOEVER is writing the notes in this is doing phenomenal!!! PLEASE write a book or do more games with this kind of writing because I was SOOO blown away by it, you set the tone so correctly and I really felt for each of the notes, I wanted to read the next one I was so intrigued with every single  note! The ONLY upset I have with this game is that when we dropped into the "bathroom" or "shower room" wherever the eggs were it sounded, truly sounded like there was something down there and I was really waiting to have to run or fight something it had me so excited, but nothing ever came and that really disappointed me. Other than that I love the concept of the roaches turning them into shells and would love to see this as an extended game, hope you do more in the future! 🖤

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This was... a weird game. BUT, it was damn fun shootin up some evil sinister apocalyptic roach demons! This is one of those note reading horror games, focusing more on storytelling. There is not much in terms of gameplay, other than shooting zombie like monsters. However, the game does have an interesting atmosphere to it. 

BTW: you have to put the gun down to pick up items!

Here's a sneak peak of the game:

You can follow my page for more:

Have a radical day brother [or sister]!

pretty cool game like how its a shooter horror very fun and really creepy cant wait for more games from you!!


Quite epic cult horror game something I wish we could see more in the indie horror genre very cool story this game was the tits

I demand an inspector's promotion.

Really great game, very grimey and creepy. I'm not sure of your future plans but this would be great game extended.  I don't think I got all the endings but might go back for another round :)

Gave the game a shot!

Really ominous and well thought out! 😃 Made me jump a few times !

This game is insane ! I was screaming at anything and everything ! great job Developer ! 



I really liked this little horror game.  I managed to find 3 endings, I don't know if there are any more.  This was a very creepy game, made even more so by the notes of the victims scattered around the map.  Thanks for the cool game, and I hope you make more like it.  

Cool little horror gam!

Made a video

Me ha gustado mucho la ambientación del juego.

I first heard of this game because the DUSKdev twitter shared it. I’m super super glad I decided to check it out! 

It’s a nice short but effective experience with great controls (even with arrow key movement) and a really great atmosphere and art style! 

I really, really hope you continue making games because you obviously have a talent for it! 

Finally, here’s my play through for those interested: 

Loved it! I got the influences to Mimic straight away, didn't know that was your main influence until going over to your Twitter lol I did play it for my channel, but I wont share it here as I would encourage people to play it for themselves first, y'know? 

I downloaded it for free initially, but after playing it I had to give you the 2 bucks because it's really cool!

I hope you get to make more to this or at least use Filthbreed as a platform to make a larger project.

All the best ;)

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Truly disturbing.  Great work!

Gotta say this game is pretty spooky in some ways! The ideas are real creepy and the bug thing makes my skin crawl! 

Got me with a scare at first but after I picked up the gun I was no longer trapped with those Groot looking mf's they were trapped in there with me.

Wow this was awesomely creepy and good. Everything about this worked well, the sounds, the atmosphere, the monsters, the combat. I legit was panicking at the part with all of the roaches lol it made me so uncomfortable. Loved this game. 

Really great game. Reminded me of Cry of Fear. 

Had to replace video. Still fantastic, was able to find all the endings. Very good job, writing was fantastic. Impressive what you were able to accomplish in a short experience. 

Thank you so much!

Gave it a go...

Really interesting, I enjoyed playing it very uch 
I got two of the possible endings, how many were they? 

Good job :)

Thanks! There's 3 endings in total.

hi, big thx for the great game. i love it. greetings from germany

Interesting concept. I like that there are different endings :) Played as part my 3 random horror games series.

I like the endings I found and really like the creepy atmosphere you have here. 

Like it 

Really enjoyed this! Good blend of Cry of Fear and Silent Hill. Atmosphere was on point!

Bro this game is Fantastic, I love your idea and please add new maps and guns to enhance overall Experience of this game. Kinda Resident Evil game touch.5/5 Man Love it :)))  

Thank you very much!

Okay, i definitely need a full game of this, this is a really good game, if you add some more story (levels) and plot or just do it as chapters i can definitely get behind that, comment your thoughts on the video lol tips appreciated (last game of the video)

Firstly, I wanna say, amazing job on the game. When I was first introduced to the dog/human creepy sounds after picking up the glock and hearing the thing heavily breathing behind,legit took my headphones and was like’ “nah fxck that fam” haha. As soon as I started the game i can feel the atmosphere pull me into this mysterious environment, helping make the encountering of the monsters more creepier. So creepy environment and atmosphere (check) one thing I didn’t like was the inability to collect items or read the notes when carrying the gun, idk  it kinda feels unnecessary to prevent the character to do so,like does my mans really need two hands to pick up the note to read it hah but idk It was something I was meh about. Overall, the game was really good and creepy, and one heck of student project group, keep up the amazing work guys! 


Hey, thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it. It's actually a solo project.

oh damn, well amazing job friend.  how long did it take?

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