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Well this was great, what is the second ending though???


Really well-made game, would recommend!

This game in the best Indie Horror game of 2019 so far (IMO). With it's multiple endings, and amazing audio quality will give anyone a good scare. I would love to see more like this.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


This game was pretty cool, the fact that we had a weapon with not quite a bit of ammo, enough to fend off the enemies was a cool element. Plus, the fact that there are multiple endings... is also a cool feature. I did get disgusted by the bugs though.... ewwwww

(This is the second game I play in this video)

I played yer game in my latest Horror Games vid! Hope ye enjoy!

Skip to 2:07 for the part with your game:



I love horror games that let you fight back!

I love the style of this game. Its very fun, but it feel so short.

This game was spooky and pretty fun! I got some Resident Evil vibes; enjoyed the atmosphere a lot! 

starts around 2:00

This was a lot of fun! I had no idea what was going on but the mystery was half the fun! The sounds made me think of Silent Hill, which is never a bad thing. Awesome job! Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with next! 


My Filthbreed experience could of went a lot better but, I didn't know how to reload the gun. Not sure if I missed it in the tutorial would be helpful if there was a menu to remember keybinds. I did see some gameplay of others and, I thought it was interesting how you have different endings in your game.  Would have been nice to be returned to start menu on ending or, death instead of game closing.

At the end I had an overall great experience playing this game, even thought some controls weren't that intuitive If I can say, keep it up ! 

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Condemned references aside, I was pleasantly surprised a few times playing this. Some neat set design and unexpected scenes. Far too many horror games nowadays have opted for the boring "ghosts in a suburban house", so I'm greatly onboard with going back to actual creepy settings like this. I included my thoughts and some dumb jokes in a video below. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future!


Nice game! Wish it was longer!


I've been a bit bereft of horror games lately so I'm glad to get the chance to dive into one as imaginative and genuinely horrifying as this one!

Having multiple endings immediately adds that extra pinch of variety that makes a game replayable, and I went through this one several times to make sure I squeezed out every ending I could (I honestly don't know where I got the idea that there was 4 endings, but I got 3 and think that might be all, but I'd be happy to be proved wrong!) whilst being creeped out the entire time.

Throwing in a gun for protection but with limited ammunition was a touch of genius too, really makes us as the player more conservative about blasting away at anything that moves (or anything that we think moved). The little titbits of story that were dotted around the place make for some interesting theories, and I quite like that the overall background isn't explicitly spelled out, leaving things to the player's imagination is a bold but appreciated move.

Overall a creepy and fun experience, and one that I would definitely recommend to horror games fans! Yes it may seem a tad short but what is here is very well put together indeed. Keep up the awesome work =)


Really short but well-thought, it had potential and not that much cliché as the usual indie titles. Well done! Also it ran flawlessly maxed out on a mediocre PC. Good job! You should think about making a full-scale sequel!


Really enjoyed this one :) that first ending was hilarious :D  Keep it going bud, I'll make a vid on your other game next week too

Although it is quite low poly, the amazing job on the textures was getting me very immersed ! Loved it.

Usually when a scary game gives me a gun i'm much less afraid but this one is gross enough that the effect remained the same. I was on edge so props to you dev!


Very good I wish it had more to it. Also I agree with the others its very difficult


 While the game is quite short, it has a very heavy atmosphere. The retro based visual design I think works very well, as well as the audio design being quite creepy and gross in all the right ways. If anyone does not feel like playing through it themselves, in my playthrough I do manage to get (what I think is) the main ending, though I'm not sure what the other ones are. Thank you to Borja Zoroza for making such a nicely put together game and putting out here for us to enjoy. Cheers.

Sadly the game doesn´t work for me. I can install it but i can´t open it.


Ok, so I got about 8 minuets into the game and was like nope I'm out if you want to see me go out like a wuss here is my video -->  

Looks promising, but I'm feeling a little difficult.


I really enjoyed this experience. I got a Silent Hill/Resident Evil vibe (mainly from the ammo pickup sound lol). The sounds, the imagery, the ambiance all contributed to making this an awesome indie horror title. And the ROACHES? Fam I didn't expect them to be that big! Definitely caught me off guard! I would love for this to be made into an even bigger experience so that it could be even more fleshed out. 


I had a blast playing this, and actually played it four times to get all the endings. If you missed one, or didn't want to replay it, then feel free to look at my video. I would appreciate a subscribe!

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BURN IT WITH FIRE! | FilthBreed Full Gameplay Walkthrough

I liked the fact that it had multiple endings. also ending number 1 legit made me laugh, not something that you expect out of a horror game lol

All in all, good game :D

I really enjoyed this gave me a quick scare! Ill make sure to look into the other endings aswell!

This was a nice experience. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

A nice little creepy experience. Felt apprehension around every corner :)

Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video

Woah that was eggs and the roaches very scary game keep up the good work.


I thought this was such a cool game, I first want to say WHOEVER is writing the notes in this is doing phenomenal!!! PLEASE write a book or do more games with this kind of writing because I was SOOO blown away by it, you set the tone so correctly and I really felt for each of the notes, I wanted to read the next one I was so intrigued with every single  note! The ONLY upset I have with this game is that when we dropped into the "bathroom" or "shower room" wherever the eggs were it sounded, truly sounded like there was something down there and I was really waiting to have to run or fight something it had me so excited, but nothing ever came and that really disappointed me. Other than that I love the concept of the roaches turning them into shells and would love to see this as an extended game, hope you do more in the future! 🖤

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This was... a weird game. BUT, it was damn fun shootin up some evil sinister apocalyptic roach demons! This is one of those note reading horror games, focusing more on storytelling. There is not much in terms of gameplay, other than shooting zombie like monsters. However, the game does have an interesting atmosphere to it. 

BTW: you have to put the gun down to pick up items!

Here's a sneak peak of the game:

You can follow my page for more:

Have a radical day brother [or sister]!

pretty cool game like how its a shooter horror very fun and really creepy cant wait for more games from you!!


Quite epic cult horror game something I wish we could see more in the indie horror genre very cool story this game was the tits

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